Modular Church Floor Plans

Modular church floor plans have become more in demand than ever as more congregations are looking for affordable alternatives to building new church building from scratch.  Offering flexibility and affordability, modular church building floor plans can either be mobile or permanent, and can be used for many different purposes.  In most cases, modular church buildings are used for multiple purposes, including areas of worship, a fellowship hall, rooms for meetings and general administrative space, depending on the day of the week.  For churches who run pre-schools and other programs outside of the typical church services each week, modular church floor plans can be a big help.

Modular church buildings are easy to set up and can make church expansion a reality for those who have been wanting to add more space for a growing congregation.  Instead of having to wait to raise money and build something from scratch while worshipping in a temporary space that is typically crowded and busy, churches can get their new modular church buildings up and running fast.  Since modular church floor plans are assembled at the factory and then delivered to the church’s location, the process take much less time then it would if you were designing and constructing a new building from scratch.  For churches who are faced with a small budget, or who simply don’t have the time to wait due to an accident or storm damage, modular church floor plans offer both the flexibility and affordability that congregations are looking for.

Taking advantage of all the benefits that modular church buildings can provide is definitely the easiest and fastest way to add on new space or replace a damaged area of a church.  There are some basic modular church floor plans that are utilized by most churches that opt for modular buildings, which can make selecting a modular church building even easier.  These types of modular buildings offer the convenience and customizable layouts that most churches require, making it easy to create a space that can be used for multiple purposes throughout the week.  For those who want to get the most out of their buildings, utilizing a modular option can be incredibly rewarding in terms of staying within your budget.  The most popular types of modular floor plans are listed below.


The standard assembly modular church floor plan can be used for both permanent and temporary churches, modular churches, modular synagogue buildings, modular temple buildings, modular libraries and cafeterias.  These spaces are standard with single and multi-room options and can include restrooms.

Worship Centers

Modular worship centers include clear, open space for worship with acoustic ceilings, Sunday school classrooms, restrooms, adult education rooms and audio and video booths.  These types of modular church buildings can be as grand or as minimalist as you need.

Administrative/Educational Buildings

Modular church buildings can also be used for administrative and educational needs, equipped with offices, classrooms and restrooms.  As with other types of modular church floor plans, these spaces can be customized depending on the needs of your congregation.