Tips on Getting the Right Mobile Office Building

Getting the right mobile office building isn’t difficult when you know some tips that can help you choose the right option for your business needs.  More and more schools, churches and businesses that need some extra space in both suburban and rural areas are utilizing mobile office buildings.  Whether it’s for a short-term construction project or long-term employee space, getting the right mobile office building that fits your budget makes it easy to support your daily operations while also offering an affordable way to expand or reduce your space as needed.

When choosing a mobile office building, consider the following:


  • Always start by considering where your mobile office will be located.  Select a space that is far enough away from driveways and sidewalks, making sure to leave enough room for equipment to operate around it as needed.  Take careful measurements, writing them down for future reference.

  • Determine the appropriate size of office that you will need.  Figure out how many employees will be using the space, and allocate 100 to 150 square feet per person.  Be sure to include space for meeting rooms, bathrooms and storage.
  • Take all of the extras into consideration.  Make sure that you account for comfort with heating and air conditioning, steps and ramps and furniture.  It’s also a good idea to consider any security issues to ensure that valuable materials and equipment will be protected.
  • Look at leasing a mobile office building versus buying one.  If you won’t be using it for long, look for a short-term lease that fits within your budget. Determine if the monthly payment can be justified if you lease, as not everyone needs to own his or her own mobile office space.
  • Plan on extending your lease when the terms are up, even if you aren’t sure that you’ll need to.  Sometimes there are auto-renewal clauses or higher charges for adding months once a contract is up, so sign the most appropriate length of lease for your situation.


Getting the right mobile office space makes it easy to grow your business in a way that is both financially sound and convenient.  Instead of investing in building new office space or signing a lease for a larger space in a corporate building, mobile offices offer fast, affordable space that can be customized and made to feel as comfortable as a brick and mortar office building.  With this level of personalization and flexibility available, mobile office buildings are a smart choice for business owners who want to enjoy growth in a smart way.  By planning for the future with a portable office space solution that can grow or shrink depending on your business needs, even those who rely on season staff can enjoy the comfort of real office space in a portable and mobile solution.  It’s the latest way that business owners can save money, while making a smart investment in the business.