Portable Office Trailers Serve Many Purposes

In today’s ever-evolving workplace, portable office trailers serve many purposes when it comes to expanding a workspace quickly and affordably with a smart, temporary solution. When a business needs office space but isn’t ready to commit to a more permanent expansion, portable office trailers are a highly versatile option. Portable office trailers and mobile offices are used for a variety of purposes, including:

Administrative offices for businesses, schools and hospitals

Many businesses, schools and hospital choose portable offices for times when parts of the building are undergoing renovation or when they are simply stretched to capacity due to a shortage of building space.


Sales offices

The need for sales office space tends to fluctuate throughout the year, making it difficult to justify permanent space on a year-round basis.  Portable office trailers are perfect for sales teams who are temporary, as they are just as nice as a standard office, but can be installed and removed depending on your needs.


Portable field or lab space

Portable office trailers aren’t just for businesses, they also work well as portable field or lab space.  As studies come and go, so does the need for extra space to conduct experiments and examine results.  Portable office trailers can easily be customized to meet your needs, making it easy to carry out all of your research without having to build a new space or sign a long lease.


Training offices

Using portable office trailers as training offices is a great way for all types of businesses to stay competitive.  Having employee-training onsite can save you thousands of dollars each year.  Instead of sending teams away, bring the training right to your doorstep, with portable training offices that can be configured specifically for each program.


Construction manager office space

Construction sites always need contractor office space that is convenient, professional and affordable.  Portable office trailers are often seen on construction sites, because they offer all the comfort and convenience of a regular office, while still allowing managers to be close to where the action is.  Teams often utilize this type of space for meetings, break rooms and planning sessions.


Portable office trailers aren’t just convenient; they are also the only completely mobile solution that also complies with sate and national building, merchant, electrical and plumbing codes. They can be made into whatever you need, from a lab environment complete with electrical hookups, to a comfortable resting area for construction teams, complete with furniture and full plumbing. It’s the only temporary solution that feels like the real thing, with all the comforts of a brick and mortar building in a completely portable alternative. Order and delivery is incredibly convenient, standard and customized options available depending on your needs. Customized options such as steps, ramps, security screen and other items can typically be added when ordering. Mobile offices are offered in several configurations and styles, with sizes ranging from 8” wide up to 24” wide.

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