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A decision about whether Golden Gate Estates residents can have storage containers in their yards will be delayed until the next discussion on land development code amendments.

The county will conduct more community outreach on the topic and bring an amendment forward in the next land development code cycle, which does not have a specific date and would need to be granted by county commissioners, Collier County Land Development Coordinator Caroline Cilek said through a county spokesperson.

In July, the Collier County Planning Commission delayed a vote on proposed changes to the land development code that would allow residents to have storage containers, like PODS, permanently placed in their yards. The delay was intended to give organizations like the Golden Gate Estates Area Civic Association and the Golden Gate Estates Homeowner’s Association time to discuss the proposals with their members and come to a consensus.

Peter Gaddy, president of the Estates civic association, said his members participated in a survey in October.

“It was a lively discussion,” he said.

The results found that about 60 percent of the association’s members would support containers with one or more conditions. Of those conditions, the most popular — receiving 62 percent of the vote — would require homeowners to screen the containers with landscaping so they would not be visible to neighbors, and would limit the containers to properties that are 2.5 acres or larger.

Gaddy said he expected the association will make a recommendation at its meeting this month.

The issue started when the county’s building department issued permits for the storage containers in the Estates, provided that they were placed in the rear of the property and met required setbacks, among others requirements. But the zoning department said the containers could not be placed in the Estates as a permanent structure, according to a 2003 moratorium.

To clear up the confusion, the county has been working on an amendment to the land development code that would allow Estates residents to have a low-cost alternative to constructing a storage shed on their property.

Under the proposal, homeowners or business owners could add a structure of less than 400 square feet on their property. Structures over 400 square feet could also be added with site plan approval.

Some of the additions members of the public have suggested include adding screening like landscaping or fencing; prohibiting the storage of hazardous materials or flammable or combustible liquids; and requiring that the containers be locked.