Mobile Innovations Diversifies from Mobile Officers to Mobile Offices with In … – (press release)

Known for providing advanced solutions for mobile law enforcement, Toronto-basedMobile Innovations Corporation is expanding its market to include government agencies, fleet operators and municipal utilities. Selling more of its PlayBook-based, in-vehicle mounting hardware, peripherals and apps to a broader fleet audience, the veteran BlackBerry Alliance Partner can turn any or truck into a plug-n-play mobile office.

Company management attributes the expanded interest to the low cost of implementation. For a per vehicle cost of approximately two thousand dollars, Mobile Innovations can up-fit any make or model of vehicle with an air-bag safety compliant solution that includes a PlayBook, GPS puck, document scanner, video camera and thermal printer. These peripherals are linked to a USB hub powered by the company’s proprietary SmartDock, which features snap-in connectivity and full-time charging for the in-vehicle PlayBook.

Designed specifically for groups who already use BlackBerry smartphones with cellular carrier data plans, the upfits are far less costly to install than the ruggedized laptop equivalent. They are also significantly less costly to operate in the long run. For example, a typical monthly plan for GPS tagging or location reporting fleet solution typically runs between fifty cents and one dollar per day, whereas the same solution with Mobile Innovations’ mobile office set up are free as part of any BlackBerry data plan.

“With our SmartDock-based mobile office, the productivity gains are as big as the savings on installation of our solution versus laptop upfits,” explains company founder and President Gary Bauer. “Not only can you send attachments, you can scan, annotate and print documents, send Geo-tagged images and video clips and pinpoint your GPS position on a map.”

As a complement to Mobile Innovations’ mobile office on wheels solution, the company also offers a mobile office in a carrying case called MPACasemaker. Substituting a Pelican hard-case for the SmartDock, this version is well-suited to users on a budget who want to move their mobile office from one vehicle to another, or prefer a non-permanent setup they can carry from the vehicle into the field.

Pointing out that most of the new non-law enforcement interest is coming from EMS, fire and government agencies, Bauer attributes the quickly widening interest in his company’s solution to word-of-mouth. “Police officers work closely with fire and EMS, and government departments interact on a regular basis. So it’s not hard to imagine that the wow factor from our police station on wheels translates into interest in a government official’s or utility supervisor’s office on wheels,” says Bauer.


For more information, please contact:

Gary Bauer – President

Mobile: 1-416-889-9997

Email: garyb(at)mobinnoco(dot)com

Mobile Innovations is a privately held company dedicated to enhancing law enforcement with the most advanced mobile data products available. Based in Niagara Falls, Canada, Mobile Innovations also has operations in Toronto and works with over fifty agencies across Canada, the United States and in the United Kingdom. Mobile Innovations is a member of the BlackBerry® Alliance Program with six years of service developing and deploying advanced mobile solutions for BlackBerry devices.