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Shenzhen, China (PRWEB) December 16, 2012

After about 4 months of development work, one portable powerful wireless external hard drive with multiple functions was released last week by Shenzhen Esorun Technology Co. Ltd.

One well-known fact is that tablet PCs and smart phones are essentials in people’s lives at present. They are used for work, business, school, home and leisure and people store various data on them. However tablet PCs and smart phones have limited storage and memory and a good part of this allows them to operate fast and efficiently. This slows them down, and of course people run out of space to put it and store more data. The answer to this problem has been solved with wireless external hard drives.

Differing from other existing brands that are only compatible with single IOS or Android systems, Esorun’ mobile wireless device simultaneously supports IOS, Android and Windows systems. The Android system is the most popular in the smart phone market and Windows is definitely the leading computer system. Its multiple compatibility and ability to support up to 5 devices is more humanistic to users. By generating a LAN with its build-in power, friends can simultaneously share this device and also easily share their photos, videos, songs etc. with each other.

Furthermore, compared to other company’s limited 32GB or 160GB storage capacity, Esorun’s stuff can amazingly expand storage capacity up to 1 TB, which will solve people’s problems of running out of storage memory for their computer or mobile devices. Its wireless design and multiple system compatibility makes it very convenient for all digital product users. People can easily and conveniently expand their iPhones, iPads or other devices’ storage capacity, without any annoying cable or device movement.

Now people don’t have to worry about memory storage any more. For those who wish to get more information about this amazing product can log on to the official website at http://www.esorun.com.

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