Warning as thieves target heating oil in West Cornwall – Falmouth Packet

3:44pm Thursday 13th December 2012 in News

POLICE are warning householders in west Cornwall to be aware that thieves are targetting domestic heating oil tanks as the colder weather sets in.

They are advising homeowners to take action to protect their supplies.

PC Chris Vincent said: “This is the time of year for criminals to steal heating oil. Heating oil containers can be damaged using several different methods and the oil stolen.

“Oil can be pumped out of the existing inlet/outlet pipes or the vessel can simply be punctured and drained. To protect you from heating oil thefts make the overall access to the vessel difficult, and possibly security lights to discourage individuals entering your property.

“If you live in or are part of a neighbourhood watch scheme support each other by passing on the advice given and by helping each other making it more difficult for individuals to gain access to the heating oil container. However, if you do have damage caused to your heating oil storage container or a theft of oil take place please contact police on 101.

“If you see anything suspicious, a person(s) or vehicle, please contact police on 101. If you wish to give the information anonymously please contact Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 or online.”