Manufactured Homes: Nicer then you think!

Manufactured homes refer to structures that are built in a factory according to the customer’s specifications or the manufacturer’s pre-designed floor plans, and are then transported directly to your designated building location for the final touches and installation.  Today’s manufactured homes are designed to be attractive, energy efficient and highly functional – a far cry from older, outdated mobile homes that were known for being created with shoddy construction and cheap building materials.  The manufactured homes that are built today are so well-made that it’s often hard to tell that they aren’t a standard home.  The look, feel, and comfort of modern manufactured homes have fooled many individuals who never could have believed that a pre-fabricated home could look so good.

Manufactured homes are much cheaper than what are known as “site-built” homes, or those that are built directly onto your foundation or building site, yet are made with solid construction and high quality materials that are designed to last.  It’s a highly cost-effective way to get a custom-built home without the high price tag of building new, and the results are affordable and amazing.

Modern manufactured homes are made with solid construction at the company’s own construction facilities and then are placed on a steel chassis and transported via flatbed truck to where it will be placed.  Once the wheels are removed, the manufactured home is lowered to the ground and the rest of the installation is completed.  After that, the home is ready to go!  It’s that simple.

One of the biggest selling points of manufactured homes is that they are made with high quality materials that stay looking great on the inside while providing a healthy, safe indoor environment for the entire family.  It’s an affordable alternative to building a house from scratch at your own location, and can save homeowners thousands of dollars in building costs.  For many homeowners, it’s the best way to get more home for their money, without the hassles associated with other types of home ownership.

Homeowners love the options that manufactured homes offer, as they can be constructed in many different shapes and sizes.  Homes can be as simple as a 2-room home for an individual, or big enough for an entire family to comfortably live in, and can be customized with the features you want, including emergency efficient appliances and weather proof windows.

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