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Storage containers are the perfect form of temporary storage for job sites, businesses, schools, residential complexes and others who need some extra space for items and materials.  Temporary storage containers are ready for drop-off to your site in an array of sizes, including forty (40) feet (the most often requested size), twenty feet and ten (10) feet, and can either be rented for a limited period of time or purchased for permanent use.

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The storage containers we use are highly durable and are designed to hold anything securely and safely.  They provide a flexible way to keep public areas clean during renovations, construction or other projects, and are also an inexpensive way to store items on site without having to use up valuable interior space.

Storage Container Rental in Tacoma Washington, 98450

We will provide quotes for Storage Container Rentals in Tacoma

Specialty storage containers are also available for those with more specialized storage needs, including  those who require refrigeration for perishable items.  This type of storage container is the ideal option for grocery stores, food manufacturers and others who have long term or short term refrigeration needs, as it’s a much more cost effective option than risking large amounts of inventory due to a lack of space or because of a power outage in the store.  Instead of losing valuable inventory, storage containers offer a cost-effective way to keep perishable items fresh.

Specialty storage containers that include added ventilation and increased security are also a flexible option that is typically much cheaper than buying or renting long term storage.  Utilizing large storage containers for onsite storage is a very versatile means to store products or items safely and easily without having to pay the overhead associated with storing items in a traditional building.  With easy in and out access and rock-solid construction, storage containers can make keeping your workplace or project site organized a snap, while also providing a superior level of security from break-ins.

How many Storage Containers will I need?

How many containers you need will depend on what you are using them for and how long you plan on using them.  Whether you need 20 containers for a large-scale operation, or just need 1 or 2 storage containers for a short term project, renting or purchasing durable storage containers is an cost effective option for property and business owners who are looking for secure storage.

Storage containers are perfect for:

  • Construction projects
  • Agricultural and farm uses
  • Residential or Home areas
  • Schools or churches
  • Commercial and retail spaces
  • Temporary on-site storage
  • Car storage
  • On Site Tool Shops
  • House Renovation Storage

Storage Container Rental in Tacoma Washington, 98450

Storage Containers in Tacoma, Washington


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